Traczer’s technology set new standards

Aluminium, fast by nature

Aluminum is a bit of a wonder metal

Light, strong, and easy on the wallet. At Traczer, we’ve taken it a step further. Utilizing experience-specific tubesets, our patented technology, and innovation from our top-level frames we’ve created bikes that offer all the performance and looks you need without the heavy price tag. It’s everything you need to take you to the next level and still leave some extra change for a coffee along the way.

  • Made from one of the most durable and lightweight aluminium, 7020T6
  • Smooth welding: precise technique to even out the welding which raises the aesthetic qualities of the structure
  • Powder coated: painting by placing electrified powder paint molecules onto aluminum
  • Traczer t-head tube: a conical frame-head with gradually changing diameter
Traction Concept

Traczer: your dog’s choice!

Our bike’s range is designed to fit your activity, not the other way around. Based on research and  feedback from our World Championship – Igor Tracz, we adapted our race geometry for a more natural position for riders.

This provides a much more comfortable and balanced riding position for optimal power transfer, traction from the dog and controlled handling.


Quality, control and safety – these three aims lead to 100% customer satisfaction.