Traczer Scooter Arrow Road

Traczer Scooter Arrow Road or when maximum comfort meets performance – we’ve applied the innovative endurance concept to our aluminium road range. Armed with the same technical and design features as our current generation of Elite models, including lightweight frame. The Scooter Arrow Road has the final word in rider comfort and outstanding ergonomics for anyone who loves to go long or is just getting into the sport for the first time. The Arrow Road is characterised by its outstanding responsiveness, with rapid acceleration and sharp handling guaranteed.  Our geometry design gives the rider the ideal position on the scooter for optimum performance and comfort when spending hours on the road. For enthusiasts and racers alike, the Traczer Arrow Road makes pro level performance accessible to all.

“My bike climbs like a chamois and is as agile as a weasel on the trails. The ideal racing machine!”

Igor Tracz, Traczer Racing Team

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