TRS Program

Traczer Riders Sponsorships Program

The racecourse is where Traczer started. Proven in competition – this has always been a key aspect both in the design and ongoing development of Traczer bikes. So it is only natural that we sponsor outstanding teams at all levels – from WorldChampion to weekend warriors.

The goal is to make top technology affordable to every racer. We offer our best race machines to licensed riders or clubs at sponsoring prices.

TRS Program Application Form

Rider request
To apply the TRS program, requests must be submitted trough our webform directly to Traczer. Applications should include:

  • A cover page- introduce yourself or your organization, tell us a story. We want to know what your contribution would be not only to Traczer, but to your sport and to the greater community.
  • Any pertinent press and/or third-party information
  • Photos, if you feel they convey relevant information
  • A list all other co-sponsors, if applicable
  • Website, social networks or blog are also requested

Event request

When it comes to quality and innovation, Traczer never settles. When it comes to your event, we bet you don’t either. Our team is looking to partner with events that want to achieve great results and help support the communities around us. Armed with stickers, smiles, and fleets of demo bikes and carts, the Traczer events team is ready to bring flair to your event. Tell us why your event is the best, and how we can help. We’d love to get to know you.

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